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A Belgian bridal designer has released a gender-neutral bridalwear campaign.

Jun 23 2021

A Belgian bridal designer has released a gender-neutral bridalwear campaign. YPulse has long said that Gen Z and Millennials are genreless generations, and our research shows that the majority of young people in the U.S. believe the definition of masculinity and femininity are changing. Now, more brands are leaning into gender-fluid fashion and marketing, and Signal Analytics reported that consumer discussions around “gender-neutral” and “unisex clothing” have increased by 115% over the last year. One area where gender-neutral has remained rare, though, is weddings, where the long white dress and spiffy tux have remained mainstays. With androgynous influencer Gerrit Elen as the model, Eva Janssens’ genderless bridal campaign aims to break the bridal binary. “A garment in itself is neither feminine nor masculine,” Janssen said in a press release. “It is what you make of it yourself. ” (Fashion United)