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New Balance is challenging Gen Z to “impatiently” chase their dreams.

May 12 2021

New Balance is challenging Gen Z to “impatiently” chase their dreams. YPulse’s advertising and marketing effectiveness research shows that Gen Z, who are notorious for tuning out ads, want to see ads from brands that have a positive message. New Balance is taking note, and its global “We Got Now” campaign is empowering Gen Z to go after their passions because as the brand puts it, “when you know what you want, waiting isn’t an option.” The ad follows pro athletes and celebrities as they engage in their favorite activities, featuring Jaden Smith loading a truck of water shipments to highlight his passion for philanthropy, Olympic sprinter Sydney McLaughlin mastering a series of hurdles on the track, and tennis star Coco Gauff serving across the court. The brand’s new campaign urges young people to stop waiting and go after what they care about most as sports brands prepare for a summer sports boom and the Tokyo Olympic Games. (The Drum)