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Rich Millennials are getting really into NFTs.

Mar 18 2021

Rich Millennials are getting really into NFTs. We told you what NFTs are and how they’re taking the internet by storm as artists like Beeple, musicians like Grimes and Post Malone, and influencers like Logan Paul are selling everything from crypto art to music to memes as “non-fungible tokens”—and wealthy Millennials and art collectors are jumping right into the trend. Auction company Christie’s reported that 58% of the bidders of Beeple’s “Everydays” art piece, which ended up selling for $69 million, were Millennials. Of course, cryptocurrency proponent Elon Musk is on board as well: After Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey sold his tweet for charity, Musk followed suit and released a techno song on a tweet that he offered up for auction—and so far the highest bid is at $1.1 million. (BloombergCNBC)