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Squishmallows are the new Beanie Babies for Gen Z. 

Mar 09 2021

Squishmallows are the new Beanie Babies for Gen Z. According to Kellytoy, the maker of the cute, round, smooshy items, they have sold 73 million Squishmallows and are expected to hit the 100-million milestone in the next several months. The toys have turned into a collector’s item “that follows in the footsteps of toys like Webkinz and Beanie Babies.” The hashtag #squishmallows has 665.9M views on TikTok, and #squishtok has 99.2 million views, while the r/Squishmallow subreddit has over 14K members, and Google Trends reported that search interest in “Squishmallows” has been climbing since August. The line—which originally consisted of eight  Squishmallows—has grown to 800 sold in 40 countries, and will likely surpass 1K this year. According to Kellytoy’s co-president, while children love their toys, “it’s the Gen Z fans who have made the plush a true social-media phenomenon” especially as they seek comfort during a difficult year. (Insider)