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Influencers aren’t the only word-of-mouth marketing that matters. 

Mar 05 2021

Influencers aren’t the only word-of-mouth marketing that matters. Of course, influencers have played a major role when it comes to marketing and virality on social media, and according to the Influencer Marketing Hub, it’s on track to be a $13.8 billion business by this year. However, a new study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences reported that when it comes to marketing, “almost anyone within a network is effective at spreading the word.” According to the study’s authors, word of mouth matters and highly influential people still hold value, but if brands are launching a product and supporting the effort with advertising, then “almost anyone can spread the message.” That said, YPulse’s influencers and celebrities report found that 54% of Gen Z are more likely to buy a product their favorite online celebrity recommends. (Adweek)