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Thanks to Netflix’s Bridgerton, corsets and classical music are cool again. 

Feb 10 2021

Thanks to Netflix’s Bridgerton, corsets and classical music are cool again. The Bridgerton craze just isn’t going away—and viewers love it so much they’re even getting into the fashion. Corset brands have been seeing a surge in business since the show’s premiere: According to Orchard Corsets, traffic to their site grew by 71%, while Corset Story saw a 20% increase in site traffic last month. Etsy saw a 91% increase in searches for “corsets” in the last three months as well as a similar lift in searches for old-fashioned and Regency-inspired lifestyle items like tea sets, which went up by 110%, and lace gloves which surged 744%. Meanwhile, the show’s music has gotten popular too: Vitamin String Quartet, the band behind the classical covers of Ariana Grande and Billie Eilish songs on the show, has seen a 350% increase in listeners streaming their music since the series premiered. (Business InsiderThe Guardian)