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Sneaker drops just keep on coming, but brands are trying to make them more sustainable. 

Feb 03 2021

Sneaker drops just keep on coming, but brands are trying to make them more sustainable. With the sneaker drop model driven by a “continuous newness” and “overconsumption,” sustainability-conscious sneakerheads are at a crossroads. According to Cowen Equity Research, the pace of sneaker drops has increased as the category grows: The global sneaker market was worth $100 billion in 2019, while the global sneaker resale market was worth $6 billion. Some seasoned buyers are starting to get burnt out and nostalgic for the “old days” when releases only happened once or twice a month instead of “several major drops per week.” Now the biggest challenge the sneaker sector faces is how to balance maintaining sales momentum while responding to concerns and questions from “a more sustainability-aware industry and consumer base.” And while some argue that limited runs equate to “less mass production” and resale markets extend a product’s lifespan, sustainability experts believe that to have an entirely sustainable future, there must be “fewer drops, a culture of repair and the use of sustainable materials.” (Vogue Business)