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Thanks to TikTok, high fashion is reaching new audiences. 

Jan 20 2021

Thanks to TikTok, high fashion is reaching new audiences. YPulse’s Luxury report found that 76% of 13-39-year-olds think luxury brands should make some affordable items so more people can own them, and in recent years, a growing number of high fashion brands have been utilizing the app to target those young users. In November 2019, Celine joined the app and worked with influencer Noen Eubanks, while Prada enlisted Charli D’Amelio to promote their event during Milan Fashion Week early last year, tapping her to share behind-the-scenes footage from the show to her millions of followers. Meanwhile, luxury brands started hashtag challenges to promote new collections: Burberry launched the #TBChallenge campaign which prompted users to recreate monogram motifs, Ralph Lauren released the #WinningRL challenge featuring actress Diana Silvers in a tennis match and asking users to create similar videos, and #TikTokFashionMonth raised digital awareness for luxury and small brands alike. (L’Officiel)