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“Veganuary” has grown by 50% in 2021—and more brands are getting into it. 

Jan 14 2021

“Veganuary” has grown by 50% in 2021—and more brands are getting into it. Like Dry January, Veganuary has become a “buzz-worthy New Year’s Resolution” where participants swear off meat for the first month of the year. While the movement has been popular in the U.K. for several years, it became prominent in the U.S. last year, attracting celebrities like Natalie Portman, Alicia Silverstone, and Joaquin Phoenix. In 2021, following a year when plant-based was accelerated among young eaters, it’s “growing rapidly” with brands like Costco, Yelp, Robeks, Albertsons, and Nestle, as well as vegan influencer Tabitha Brown, on board. The nonprofit organization behind the program created a marketing campaign featuring Brown in “technicolor 40-second videos” eating a variety of plant-based foods. They report 80K Americans signing up—nearly a 50% jump from 2020—and topped 500K sign-ups globally for the year. (Adweek)