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Clubhouse is debuting an influencer program. 

Dec 28 2020

Clubhouse is debuting an influencer program. When it launched earlier this year, audio-only social app Clubhouse took off among entrepreneurs, techies, and other young people looking to network during the pandemic—and they currently have 600K registered users. The audio chat room-focused app usually hosts discussions between venture capitalists, but because their user base has “broadened” in recent months, they began offering celebrity talk shows, D.J. nights, speed dating, theatrical performances, political debates, and general networking events. Now, the platform is testing and launching their own influencer program to “cultivate its own local celebrities.” The new, invite-only “Creator Pilot Program” is expected to have more than 40 influencers who represent “a new class of online fame.” So far, they’ve been promised regular meetings with one of the app’s founders and early access to special tools designed for “power users.” (NYTimes)