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Bath & Body Works is unstoppable—even during a pandemic. 

Dec 19 2020

Bath & Body Works is unstoppable—even during a pandemic. While other mall brands have suffered greatly during COVID (on top of the retail apocalypse), Bath & Body Works is still persisting. At the end of October, it racked up $3.7 billion in sales—up almost 20% compared to last year—with online sales increased by 138%. During the start of the outbreak, many customers turned to their hand sanitizers and soaps as a way to protect themselves from the virus. Now, they’re continuing to buy up candles, which have been a self-care item for many during this time. The brand’s most recent Candle Day (where all 3-wick scented candles are marked down from $24.50 to $9.95), which took place both online and in-person, saw lines going out the doors early in the morning and stock quickly sold out on the site. (Vox)