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The gaming world is the latest hotspot for Gen Z fashion.

Dec 08 2020

The gaming world is the latest hotspot for Gen Z fashion. We told you how digital clothing is picking up during quarantines, and brands are taking advantage of marketing in the gaming world as Gen Z consumers cultivate their own “virtual fashion ecosystems” in video games. Fashion, beauty brands, and designers are “eager to find advertising avenues” that resonate with young shoppers especially as some luxury fashion companies have reportedly had to cut their magazine ad budgets by up to 80%—and it’s working. Some Roblox players have used their allowance to “buy digital clothes” with their “robux” (the game’s native tokens). Gucci has leveraged their virtual forum “Campaign Sneaker Garage,” which garnered 22K members on the platform, while influencers like Missmudmaam and Erythia have “sold millions of original Roblox items” of their designs. (Elite Daily)