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Affordable beauty brands are also finding fame on TikTok. 

Oct 20 2020

Affordable beauty brands are also finding fame on TikTok. Recently, drugstore and lower-end beauty brands like Urban Skin Rx, Cerave, and The Ordinary are taking off on TikTok with little or no marketing investment—and they’re finding ways to keep that momentum going. In January, a microinfluencer’s video about Urban Skin Rx’s Even Tone Cleansing Bar hit five million views, and hashtags like #UrbanSkinRx and #UrbanRx racked up 30 million views in a week. As a result, sales of the product saw a sales surge five times the average rate. The Ordinary had the same thing happen after an influencer posted a “before and after” video touting their peeling solution, and Cerave saw a similar boost after “skinfluencer” Hyram Yarbro frequently mentioned their products in his videos. Now, the brand’s U.S. sales has grown 51.8% reaching $467 million. (Vogue Business)