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Brands are finding creative ways to market Halloween this year. 

Sep 14 2020

Brands are finding creative ways to market Halloween this year. Halloween is going to look different this year, and brands are finding innovative ways to reach young consumers during the pandemic. Candy maker Ferraro is celebrating the spooky season with a month-long virtual “31 Days of Halloween” campaign on Pinterest that will include shoppable pins. Users will have the opportunity to order candy from the company’s brands, including Baby Ruth, Butterfinger, Crunch, Fannie May, Kinder, Nutella, and Tic Tac. Influencer partners will also be sharing ideas of how to celebrate the holiday this year. Meanwhile, Sour Patch Kids is teaming up with Sally Hensen to release limited edition Insta-Dri nail polish. The colorful shades will come in: Shop the Unred, R.I.Purple, Boo-lue, Hallogreen, Ghouls Night Out, Pump-kid, and First Sour, then Sweet. (Mobile MarketerTeen Vogue)