During the pandemic, everything is a mental wellness product. 

During the pandemic, everything is a mental wellness product. From cannabis and alcohol brands to toy lines and mental wellness apps, brands are shifting messaging to promises of “peace” and “relief” during stressful times. Subscription wine club Firstleaf’s ads talk about needing a lot of wine “to get through this year,” while Procter & Gamble have been pushing their StressBall gumdrops urging customers to “turn the stressed life into your best life.” Moon Pals, a line of stuffed animals, promise “deeper sleep,” “better cognitive functioning,” and “reduced anxiety” for kids. Meanwhile meditation apps like Calm and Headspace as well as cannabis companies focused on CBD are spending millions of dollars on TV campaigns to tout their services and products. But it’s not just commercials: mental health is also a growing entertainment trend. (NYTimes)

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