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2020 doesn’t seem to have a definitive song of the summer.

Aug 03 2020

2020 doesn’t seem to have a definitive song of the summer. We told you how young consumers can’t pick just one song of the summer this year and it could be due to the pandemic or the signs of a “splintered music industry.” The “hallmark traits” of a song of the summer is its “ubiquity” combined with sales, streaming, video views, radio play, and how much the track  inspires memes, parodies, and dance crazes. Last year, Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road” was an obvious winner. But this year, six different songs took the number one spot on the Billboard charts within a month, making that top spot a “revolving door.” Part of the rotating hit phenomena is in part due to the fact that quarantined young consumers just aren’t streaming music the way they used to: Spotify saw a 50% dip in in-car streaming in April, which made it easier for multiple songs to meet “the threshold” needed to be number one. (WSJ)