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For over half a century, Barbie has ruled the ranks of toys.

Feb 17 2015

For over half a century, Barbie has ruled the ranks of toys. However, recently sales have plummeted and her popularity has faltered, and now Mattel is taking a risk to try to put her back on top. They’ve partnered with startup ToyTalk to release the new Hello Barbie, an internet-connected version of the doll that can have real conversations with kids—which the brand’s research has shown is a much-desired feature. ToyTalk writers will create conversations about everything from favorite color to future aspirations based on their predictions of what kids will say. Never a dull moment though, as the doll is connected to a cloud, so the writers are able to change and evolve her dialogue over time. It’s expected that Hello Barbie will be ready to talk, and be purchased by the masses, in time for this holiday season. (Fast Company)