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You Thought I Was Feeling You? Ice Spice Dominates on The Viral List

We round up the most viral moments of the week… 


  • Rapper Ice Spice has been taking over TikTok one hit at a time and is on track to go even bigger
  • Panera Bread’s BAGuette bag is making sandwiches stylish and winning over Gen Z in the process
  • Hogwarts Legacy is reviving Harry Potter nostalgia despite being cancelled after J.K. Rowling’s continued transphobic stance
  • The Great British Bake Off's new celebrity line up has everyone hoping for nostalgic Friends references

Ice Spice is Gen Z’s iconic rapper on the come-up 

Gen Z on TikTok are now always the first to find the next hit singer, rapper, or musician, and they’ve known about Ice Spice long before her name made Vogue last week. In fact, she’s been on the come-up for a while now, with over 3M followers each on Instagram and TikTok, and “a number-one video slot on YouTube, and a campaign for Ivy Park x Adidas since her low-key debut.” She first caught viral attention in 2021 on TikTok with her song “Bikini Bottom,” and now “Munch,” “in ha mood,” and “Boy’s a Liar pt2” with PinkPantheress have been added to the list of her songs that have taken off on the app—used in hundreds of thousands of videos collecting millions of views. They’ve become viral hits for their catchy beats and lyrics, and of course are being transformed with remixes into other audio trends as well.  

It’s not by luck that’s she’s found fame though, and not just through TikTok either—she grew up freestyling with her father, and her “pop drill” sound is unique to the Bronx scene she comes from. She was recognized by Drake in August, who flew her out to his annual OVO festival after praising her music, and since then her career has been on a non-stop upward trajectory. But she doesn’t plan to restrict herself to the subgenre she’s currently known for, and she’s already being called a pop star and “rap’s new princess.”  

This Week on TikTok: Panera Bread’s BAGuette is actually cute 

YPulse’s Clicking on Community trend report found that 44% of 13-39-year-olds have purchased branded apparel from brands they like—and that includes food brands! This isn’t the first time Panera Bread is merging food and fashion, this time, their newest BAGette bag, a Panera-lime green purse in the shape of (you guessed it) a baguette. Designed for fashionistas and foodies alike, Panera’s bag is inspired by their newest meu item: Toasted Baguettes that come in Green Goddess Caprese Melt, Pepperoni Mozzarella Melt, and Smoky Buffalo Chicken Melt. 500 BAGuette purses went on presale earlier this week and immediately sold out, likely because of its affordable price tag: the bag retails for less than $40. Fortunately, MyPanera members who purchase one of the baguettes will automatically be entered for a chance to win one.  

Over on TikTok, #PaneraBag currently has over 400M views and is getting Gen Z’s stamp of approval with viral posts of users saying how shocked by how much they actually like the bag. One user even says, “it’s giving chic” as she shares the promotional photos of models holding the bread-shaped bags with a hand clamped over her mouth in surprise. Gen Z is loving it so much, users are even making ASMR unboxing videos showing off the bag as if it’s the newest Hermès Birkin.  

Also on TikTok: A feature to completely reset your FYP algorithm is in the works 

Hogwarts Legacy is proving the fandom can reach Gen Z, too 

Not only has Gen Z notoriously made fun of Millennials’ love of the Harry Potter series, but they’ve also called out author J.K. Rowling for her transphobic stance. Yet, it seems the new video game Hogwarts Legacy is reviving the wizarding world’s hype, begging the question: how much does cancel culture actually mean to young consumers?  

The popularity surrounding the game’s release is proving that the franchise’s fandom has made Harry Potter un-cancelable. Despite those who have vocalized they’ll be boycotting the game’s release; its hype was already underway well before it hit stores. Plus, the game is introducing a trans woman character named Sirona Ryan, who leads the Three Broomsticks tavern and appears early in the game’s quests. And ultimately, the excitement around the game has nothing to do with the series’ author and instead has everything to do with causing absolute chaos.  

While nostalgia and the chance to tap into their inner child is bringing in Millennial players, Gen Z is approaching the game as they do most things: completely unhinged (in the best way possible). A huge reason why so many want to jump into Hogwarts Legacy is for the open world game play. (Which we know they favor). Essentially, players are able to fly around the castle on a broomstick, join a Quidditch game, and tons of various side quests. Over on TikTok, gamers are sharing their first looks into the game and others are making memes of course. Plus, players are free to murder and torture people in the game, which has prompted a slew of memes with the tagline, “POV: me 5 minutes into playing Hogwarts Legacy” and others that prove Gen Z plans on being absolute menaces while pretending to be wizards.  

In Western Europe: The celebrity Great British Bake Off line-up boasts Ross from Friends 

The much-loved Great British Bake Off is back with their Stand up to Cancer celebrity special. The line-up has been released, and it’s quite something. The big-name drop of David Schwimmer has got people talking on Twitter, and of course, all over the Friends jokes. With references to the “make a traditional English trifle” line when Rachel Green made a disgusting pudding, young fans are hoping for some acknowledgement of the scene. But most of all, people have taken to Twitter to express the surrealism of having someone as well-known as Ross from Friends in the same room—well, tent—with celebs like ex-Little Mix member Jessy Nelson and reality star Gemma Collins. Some are calling it the best celeb line-up yet, while another user called it surreal. It’s certainly going to get Bake Off lovers and new viewers from across the generations tuning in to watch.  

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