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Gen Z and Millennials Are Bringing New Styles, Inspo, and Rules to Weddings This Year

It’s the biggest year for weddings, and Gen Z & Millennials are bringing these trends to the aisle… 


  • Gen Z and Millennials are moving away from the traditional white gown and some are even going goth 
  • Couples want their guests to match their style- some would rather they not attend at all if they aren’t ready to look the part
  • TikTok is, as always, replacing the old way of things, becoming the new source of all things wedding planning

Weddings are back to pre-pandemic levels, and after years of waiting Gen Z and Millennial brides, grooms, and guests are heading down the aisle–and bringing some new trends with them. Forbes reports an estimated 2.6 million wedding celebrations are expected to take place this year, and our 2022 wedding research shows that 35% of young people have attended or plan to attend a wedding this year, compared to 29% in 2021. Micro-weddings were a popular trend during the pandemic as couples opted for more intimate, safe celebrations and though it will remain a popular option for some, couples are also looking forward to going out with “a blowout bash.” YPulse told you all about some of the wedding trends Gen Z and Millennials think are going out of style, but as more and more finally have their big day, they’re also ushering in new styles, rules, and sources of inspo. Here are three to know for the biggest wedding year ever:

Goth Weddings

Did Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker raise goth weddings from the dead? From vampiristic dresses to all-black cakes, dark weddings are trending–and some are crediting the famed pair’s dark Italian-gothic wedding that took place in May. But while the Barkers might be the most famous recent example of goth nuptials, interest in a darker aesthetic for unique weddings were gaining ground already. According to Pinterest’s wedding trends report for 2022 (which came out in April), “searches for ‘dark wedding ideas’ increased by a whopping 59x, while searches for ‘dark lovers aesthetic’ increased by 39x, and ‘goth wedding decorations’ increased by 6x.”

The non-traditional wedding theme is certainly in line with Gen Z and Millennial wedding trends: YPulse research shows that the majority of young females want their dresses to be unique and different, and our Weddings report data shows the number of young consumers who say wearing traditional white/ivory dresses is in style went down from 78% in 2019 to 60% in 2022.


Did you think we were going to talk about trends and not include something TikTok related? According to YPulse’s Fits For the Feed trend research, TikTok has become the number one influence on Gen Z’s style. So, of course, they’re also turning to the app for wedding inspo. It’s almost preposterous to get married these days without consulting #WeddingTok first. According to AdAge, young bride and grooms-to-be are saying goodbye to wedding planners and bridal magazines and are turning to TikTok for everything they need instead.

The app has become a go-to source for all things wedding planning and a hub for dress boutiques, caterers, venues, and more to promote their products/services. #WeddingTok has amassed over 2.6 billion views on the app and staple brands like David’s Bridal and Zola are using the platform to consistently show consumers who are worried about inflation that “there are options” when it comes to their prices and even small businesses like photographers are benefiting from the exposure. The wedding industry was hit hard by the pandemic, but after 2 years of delays, TikTok is looking like the number one spot to keep up with them.

Next Level Dress Codes 

Couples are getting very specific about what guests should wear to their weddings, some are even providing Pinterest boards to inspire ‘fits. YPulse has been keeping up with the ever-evolving wedding trends as brides and grooms across the world are finally able to tie the knot after a two and a half year delay. But with so many wedding variations and trends, dress codes can be tricky to interpret and guests are being told what exactly to wear.

According to New York Magazine, dress code instructions are getting next level with today’s brides and grooms going to lengths to make sure everyone looks just right and their long-awaited wedding vision is just what they imagined. For example, brides are sharing their detailed Pinterest boards highlighting the specific theme they’re going for, and of late, that involves a lot of formal glitz and glam—enter Bridgerton and even themes like “Tropical Cocktail.” One expert tells the mag, “What was once printed in a tiny font at the bottom of the invitation (i.e., “cocktail attire”) now takes up significant real estate on the wedding website and is an increasingly important part of the entire event.” Couples are ready to go all-out for their weddings and as they’re making niche attire requests of their guests, some are even providing warnings that if they cannot adhere to the “rules” then they should not bother attending.