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#BlackMusic, #GalentinesDay, #LittleGreenBear, & 2 More TikTok Hashtags That Trended This Month

TikTok is home to some of the biggest trends on the internet—here are five hashtags that trended on the platform this month…

February might be a short month, but it was not short on trending content. We kept you up to speed along the way: Black History Month and the beginning of Lunar New Year had young people taking to TikTok to share how they would be honoring the holidays via #BlackTikTok and #LunarNewYear—some even auctioned themselves off as potential dates to those who needed a plus one for Lunar New Year celebrations. We can’t forget about the Winter Olympics, either, which just like the Summer Olympics was made entertaining for young viewers via behind the scenes TikTok clips from athletes and commentary from influencers and celebrities (hi Leslie Jones). Some of the biggest internet trends this month were also hashtag-driven: the #CoreMemories trend was all about romanticizing life’s little moments and milestones, and TikTokers channeled their inner Abby Lee Miller (like from Dance Moms) to #Rank(ing) their favorite products. But of course there was even more content that racked up views in February—here are five more hashtags that trended on TikTok this month: 

#BlackMusic (775.2M views)

As part of TikTok’s Black History Month initiatives, the platform recognized Black creators via live videos honoring Black entrepreneurs, creators, musicians, and organizations, a music event with iHeartRadio, a 2022 Black TikTok Trailblazers program, and more. #BlackMusic is also part of TikTok’s BHM efforts, leading viewers to clips of live performances, memorable moments, sampling, interpolations, and verses from Black artists across all genres and time periods. Black artists including H.E.R., Marzz, Doe Jones, Dana Williams, and TOBi are just a few of the musicians who have been sharing their music and experiences via #BlackMusic. #BlackTikTok and  #SupportBlack  also trended in February, featuring clips from Black users shining a light on “history you didn’t learn in school” and Black business owners sharing their stores and mission. Black TikTokers have been tagging #BlackTikTok to build community, providing a safe space for fellow creators to share in their experiences, too. 

#GalentinesDay (1.6B views)

YPulse told you how Gen Z and Millennials planned to spend Valentine’s Day this year (hint: they’re didn’t just celebrate with their significant other), and both #GalentinesDay and #ValentinesDay trended on TikTok this month as young people offered up outfit inspo to viewers, tips for hosting a Galentine’s Day party, and showed off their tricked out party scapes and treats. Gen Z and Millennials see the holiday as a good opportunity to shower their friends and family with love—not just their romantic partner—and hosting an at-home Galentine’s day party with festive treats, photo ops, and activities is one of the most popular ways young people celebrated the holiday. Of course, going out to eat is still a popular Valentine’s Day activity among those who are in a relationship, and young couples are also opting to create their own cozy, at-home celebrations, too.

#SkiTok (3B views)

Skiing and snowboard season is in full swing, which means some young consumers are hitting the slopes during their time off. Not only is #SkiTok filled with (weirdly) satisfying clips of sunsets and mountain ranges as seen from a skier’s point of view, TikTokers are also documenting their ski trips with friends and creating their own trends in the process…like taking shots on the ski lift with clips set to this TikTok sound and making jokes about that one friend on everyone’s ski trip. Meanwhile, this family has been racking up views for their insanely cute clips of their toddlers skiing (trust us, it’s a must-watch).

#LittleGreenBear 94.4M views

Though Snapchat is home to some of the most engaging augmented reality filters, TikTok also offers fun AR tools, and the little green bear filter has been the star of multiple trending TikTok clips this month. When activated, the filter adds a dancing little green bear to a user’s video. Users can adjust the bear’s size to make him giant or as tiny as possible, making viewers search for where he’s hiding in their clip. TikTokers have been particularly fascinated with how real the filter looks, making it look like there really is a little green bear dancing in their videos, while realizing they can move it around and change its size while filming. Users have been setting their #LittleGreenBear clips to this sound—more than 130K videos have been made with the track, with the majority of clips featuring the filter. Whether TikTokers are hiding the bear in their videos to add some mystery or making it the star of their cooking videos, the little green bear is the new main character of TikTok.

#WorkFromHome (8.4B views)

YPulse’s What’s Next for Work trend research found that Millennial employees who work in office environments prefer to work from home, and this alternative workplace is a popular option among Gen Z employees, too. The tag #WorkFromHome gives an even deeper look into why young employees want to continue working from home long after the threat of COVID-19 has passed (hint: they enjoy the flexibility a lot). TikTokers are sharing their tricked out desk setups, making WFH vlogs, “day in the life” montages, and making their kid(s) the star of their clips. Though this tag isn’t exclusive to February—TikTokers have been making work from home videos since the beginning of the pandemic—it shows the TikTok trend is evergreen as young people continue romanticizing even the most mundane parts of their life.