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Why CBD’s Beauty Aisle Takeover Is Just Beginning

Millennial research, Millennial insight, Millennial marketing, Gen Z research, Gen Z marketing, Gen Z insight, youth research, youth marketing

Does cannabis-infused beauty have staying power, or is CBD just the trendy ingredient du jour? We spoke to Saint Jane’s founder to find out…

Millennial research, Millennial insight, Millennial marketing, Gen Z research, Gen Z marketing, Gen Z insight, youth research, youth marketing

CBD is taking over the beauty aisle. Miracle ingredients are nothing new to beauty connoisseurs (Probiotics! Mushr

ooms!) so the seemingly unlikely industry was set up perfectly to embrace this non-psychoactive cannabis component. Now, you can find cannabis-infused beauty products everywhere from CVS to Barney’s, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Sephora—whose VP of skincare merchandising “anticipate[s that CBD] will be an area of continued growth,” per Glossy. Research from our Cannabis Infusion report backs that up: 58% of 18-36-year-olds are interested in trying CBD products, and Millennial females in particular are interested in CBD-infused moisturizer, body oil, face masks, and more.

To cash in on this cannabis craze, some beauty brands are playing up a stoner persona. Just take Milk Makeup’s “dope” marketing: Their Kush line of makeup products kicked off with an  infused mascara that featured a “puff puff brush” for “high” volume that launched on (yes, you guessed it) 4/20. But others are opting to be (much) more discreet, pitching CBD as a legitimate ingredient that could be sold alongside Vitamin C serums and Hyaluronic Acid lotions—aligning themselves with the Wellness Intensified movement that has young consumers spending more than ever on personal care, and especially on skin care.

It makes sense that some beauty brands who believe in CBD’s staying power would want to divorce themselves from any cannabis stereotypes: Because CBD is lumped in with the illegal stuff, they can sell it, but marketing is restricted, reports The Verge. Unlike Milk Makeup, Saint Jane refuses to “weed-wash” their marketing, selling their highly-concentrated CBD products as wellness mainstays, not trendy products to toss next season. The scientifically-backed and subtle approach is working so far: their Luxury Beauty Serum has become a cult favorite and the brand’s glammed-up bottles now grace the shelves at Sephora, Barney’s, and Saks Fifth Avenue—where it’s often the highest-concentrated CBD product.

We spoke to Saint Jane’s founder, Casey Georgeson, to find out whether the CBD trend has staying power, how their products go beyond the hype, why some young consumers are looking to them for anxiety relief, and much more:

YPulse: Young consumers overall seem to be more accepting of cannabis and cannabis-adjacent products. Why do you think that is?

Casey Georgeson: I think it’s because this generation cares about what goes in and on their bodies, and views cannabis more as a wellness supplement rather than something forbidden. They’re very much aware of the overall benefits of cannabis, and know that, when you break it down, the different aspects of the plant can work for your body in different ways. This generation is all about knowledge, so the more they know, the better decisions they can make.

YP: Why do you think CBD is such a buzzy ingredient in the beauty world right now?

CG: CBD is an incredibly potent and powerful ingredient, and I think the majority of the buzz comes from what the ingredient can do. As the perception of cannabis shifts, the more people want to know about the benefits of this ingredient holistically, and for us specifically, topically. Also, the passing of the Farm Bill in December 2018 has helped bring CBD to the forefront of important conversations. Federally legalizing the sale and usage of hemp-derived CBD in all 50 states was huge, and that means a company like ours can create healing products for everyone.

YP: Does cannabis-infused beauty have staying power as more than just a trend? Why?

CG: Absolutely! CBD is a powerful wellness molecule just like Vitamin C or E.  In fact, CBD has more micronutrients than both of those vitamins, and the molecule itself is smaller than other oil-based molecules, so it penetrates the skin barrier better and faster. We are just beginning to understand what this ingredient can do, but we do already know that CBD helps to calm and balance the skin and provides nourishing antioxidants and vitamins for a more radiant, healthy complexion—from the outside in.  At Saint Jane, CBD is at the core of everything we do.  Our products are rooted in the CBD wellness mission and will continue to be—trendy or not.

YP: We’ve seen CBD or hemp beauty products marketed in a range of ways—from Milk Makeup’s Kush line to products that barely mention the ingredient’s inclusion. How does Saint Jane market and position themselves?

CG: CBD and its benefits are essential to our brand, but we will never do any green-washing or “weed-washing.” You will not see us using marijuana leaves in our marketing, and we will never make any references to getting “high.” CBD is a vitamin for us, with all of its phytonutrients, antioxidants, and omegas, so we would never glorify it as anything other than a wellness ingredient.

YP: What are the effects of CBD in Saint Jane’s products?

CG: CBD is truly a power ingredient. It’s an adaptogen, which means it will go to where you need it most. We use full-spectrum CBD in our Luxury Beauty Serum, and that’s so you get all the benefits of CBD—including the benefits from each part of the plant. CBD calms redness and irritation, soothes and helps to balance problematic skin, and nourishes without clogging pores.

YP: Forbes reports that your products aren’t just meant to make people look better, but to make them feel better (“a gentle mood enhancement”). Can you tell us more about that?

CG: CBD is well-known for its anti-anxiety properties, and we’ve had people tell us that when they use their serum or gloss, they feel a bit calmer. With CBD, as opposed to THC, it’s not what you feel, but what you don’t feel. If you don’t feel as anxious or worried or overwhelmed, it’s working. But also, when your skin is glowing and healthy, you not only look better but also feel better, your mood is improved—they go hand in hand. Our products were created for overall wellness.

YP: Would marijuana legalization affect Saint Jane?

CG: Unfortunately, right now, our hemp-derived CBD products are lumped in with currently “illegal” marijuana-derived CBD products, so we, as a brand, cannot legally advertise on Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc.  If and when marijuana is legalized federally, it will make doing business easier, but wouldn’t change our products or branding.

YP: Are there any beauty or self-care trends among young consumers that you predict are on the rise?

CG: I believe we will see more and more brands being thoughtful about ingredients, sustainability, and clean formulas. I think what we’ll see is that “clean beauty” won’t be viewed as a subset or category, but just as overall beauty. Products will just be non-toxic and good for you and the environment; it won’t necessarily be something that’s special.

Millennial research, Millennial insight, Millennial marketing, Gen Z research, Gen Z marketing, Gen Z insight, youth research, youth marketingCasey Georgeson, Founder, Saint Jane

Casey Georgeson is the founder of Saint Jane, a luxury, 100% clean CBD beauty collection that launched in January 2019. She’s a beauty industry veteran who led Kendo’s brand development for Marc Jacobs Beauty, Elizabeth & James Nirvana, and Disney for Sephora.

She brings beauty expertise to the world of cannabis with a collection of products that support the CBD wellness mission.  Passionate about the powerful benefits of CBD for skin, Casey created Saint Jane with best-in-class beauty formulations harnessing the CBD potency in the luxury space.

Casey received her MBA from Stanford University. She was born and raised in Northern California and resides in Ross, California with her husband and three daughters.

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