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Trends to Know Now: CBD, Borderless Culture & The State of Gaming

Our newest trend reports explore the big shifts young consumers are fueling, including the rise of CBD across industries, the increasing fluidity of global media, and the mainstreaming of gaming culture…

YPulse’s trend reports explore some of the biggest shifts young consumers are fueling. Our latest trends, CBD Infusion, Borderless Culture, and The State of Gaming, dig deep on products, media, and entertainment that are resonating with Gen Z and Millennials right now, and why they matter. These generations are seeing themselves as citizens of the world, looking for products to ease their anxiety, and changing the definition of gaming. We surveyed 1000 13-36-year-olds to get the real story on their attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors so each trend is filled with relevant data, real world examples, and implications for you.

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Here’s a preview of the insights you’ll see:



For Gen Z and Millennials, it’s a small world after all. The popularity of global trends, and content focused on other cultures and countries, is giving young consumers a new appetite for international media and more. Over half see themselves as citizens of the world, and the majority say it’s important to stay up-to-date with global culture. Where content comes from, and even what language it’s in, is less important than its quality. At the same time, media and trends from other countries appeal because they provide windows into other cultures—something this globally-minded group craves. An influx of both imported and globally-focused music, TV, movies, and more has made their borderless culture perspective all the more clear.



What do you picture when you hear the word “gamer”? If a single type of person playing on their console is what springs to mind, you might need to rethink your definition—and the way games are impacting Gen Z & Millennials’ lives. The majority of young consumers are gaming in some capacity, with mobile gaming democratizing play and shifting the industry. Three in five 13-36-year-olds are playing mobile games weekly, and over two in five are playing console/PC games weekly. Gamers are an increasingly diverse, and large, group—and games are impacting their lives in a variety of ways. With the influence and role of games changing, we decided it was time to take a new look gaming to show how young people are really engaging with video games today—and where brands can step in.



CBD and marijuana-infused products are on the precipice of a craze. Thanks to increased legalization and young consumers’ demand of natural alternatives, brands are seeing opportunity to ride the weed wave more than ever. The majority of 18-36-year-old consumers tell YPulse they’re interested in trying a product with CBD in it. It’s no wonder that marijuana-derived ingredients are making their way into products from beauty to food, and the trend is quickly growing. This cannabis infused trend dives into this new industry, the brands that are on board, and more on why young consumers are putting the ingredient in demand.



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