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Zara Knows How To Make Viral Clothes On the Viral List

Zara has the recipe for creating viral clothing, a Millennial dad is calling out a little-known problem, Hocus Pocus’s 25th birthday celebration is bewitching nostalgic Millennials, and more of what’s getting the internet’s attention this week…


1. Another Zara Product Is Selling Out and Going Viral

Seasons come and go, but Zara’s knack for releasing viral clothing items is apparently eternal. This time, an orange plaid midi skirt is taking social media by storm. The leaves haven’t even started to turn colors yet, but influencers like @venswifestyle and @valerieann16 are all donning the same Zara skirt to kick off pumpkin spice season, prompting Who What Wear and. and Teen Vogue to report on its popularity. The skirt has been selling out, though as of this writing there are some still available. It seems Zara has a knack for producing items that become social media favorites, with diehards coveting pieces like a pair of black track pants in 2016 and studded boots last year. One 2017 coat even got so popular that those who got their hands on it posted pics with the hashtag #CoatSquad, reports Daily Mail, while the Instagram repost account @thatcoat amassed over 7,000 followers.



2. A Millennial Father Calls Out Men’s Restrooms for Missing One Vital Thing

Millennial parents everywhere are outraged that men’s bathrooms don’t have changing tables after an Instagram post of one dad changing his child while in an awkward squat went viral. Donte Palmer posted the picture with the caption, “What’s the deal with not having changing tables in men’s bathroom as if we don’t exist!!” The post was then picked up by @TheShadeRoom where it has over 550,000 likes. Since then, countless dads have posted their own frustrations. Palmer told BuzzFeed News, “My wife and I, we share everything equally. We cook and clean. We work hard — equally. Why do we share equal responsibility but society views us differently?” Now, he’s encouraging dads to post their own impromptu changing pics with the hashtag #squatforchange. One solution? Give the Genreless Generation the gender-neutral bathrooms they’ve been asking for or make sure family restrooms are always available.



3. Millennials Are Celebrating Hocus Pocus’s 25th Birthday

Millennials, it’s time to brew up your favorite adult potion and make a toast because Hocus Pocus just hit its quarter-life crisis, and Freeform and AMC are celebrating. E! News reports that The Hocus Pocus 25th Anniversary Halloween Bash will come to the small screen October 20th as part of Freeform’s new “31 Nights of Halloween” (à la the “25 Nights of Christmas”). The network is reuniting the iconic cast and crew for a series of interviews, with two witches confirmed (no word yet on Bette Midler, who’s trending for some less magical reasons right now). The event will be capped off with a costume contest and bookended by trivia questions for the cult classic’s many diehard fans (Millennials and Gen Z told Ypulse it’s one of their favorite Halloween movies). AMC is also cashing in on the anniversary’s hype by bringing the film back to theatres for a limited time. The internet has run wild with the news, spawning a Hocus Pocus 2 poster that is more trick than treat—Snopes denies that Disney has announced a second movie. Regardless, Twitter users and even companies like Boohoo are reposting the unverified news.



4. A YouTube Stars’ Documentary Has Social Media Feeling Shook

Shane Dawson, an online celebrity with over 18 million YouTube subscribers, just released part four of an eight-part documentary about Jake Paul—who has 17 million subscribers of his own. Dawson’s series is causing controversy by alleging that Paul is a sociopath (he’s known for dangerous daredevil antics). Teen Vogue reports that “sociopath” is an outdated term for antisocial disorder and viewers are taking offense; @Kris10Darling tweeted, “…He’s not a mental health professional yet he’s sort of making a diagnosis?” YouTubers like Keemstar are riding the viral wave to up their views and insert their own opinions, while celebrities like Selena Gomez have tweeted their thoughts. Jake’s older brother Logan (whose own empathy has been called to question) also posted a response video while Jake Paul himself has responded with hope for future videos. But all the backlash just puts more cash in Dawson’s pocket: An influencer marketing manager told the BBC that, considering the videos already have from 11-to-18-million views each, Dawson “could definitely be paid anything from $85,000 to $170,000 for one video.”



5. Links We’re Passing

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