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Millennial Election Update: Who Will They Vote For?

We got an updated look on Millennials’ plans for the polls, who they’re voting for, and how recent events have impacted their decision…

In one week, Election Day will be upon us, and the roller-coaster political season all generations have been weathering will end. We surveyed 18-33-year-olds in September to find out if they planned to vote and who they wanted the next president to be—but in an election like this one, nothing is settled. We surveyed young voters again in October to see if the events of the debates and various candidate scandals were impacting their plans for the polls.

We found that the number of undecided voters had dropped, and for some Millennials, the news stories and election events either changed their vote or helped them decide which candidate to support. The majority of 18-34-year-olds tell us they will definitely vote on November 8th—so their plans could be a major factor in the election results. Here’s our update on what those plans are: 

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