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Taco Bell Breaks Snapchat Record: The Friday Don’t Miss List

Taco Bell’s taco head Snapchat filter breaks records, Millennials are now co-living in pods, Pop-Tarts are no longer considered “healthy,” and more news to keep you updated this Friday:

1. Taco Bell Breaks Snapchat Record

Teens are ignoring traditional media, and new ways to reach coveted young consumers are emerging—but Snapchat is clearly the current frontrunner in the race to get their attention. According to Ypulse’s most recent social media tracker, 45% of 13-17-year-olds report using the app daily, and brands are clamoring to find ways to engage them on the app. Don’t miss how Taco Bell’s Cinco De Mayo sponsored lens campaign has broken the record for most views on Snapchat. The filter allowed users to turn their heads into giant tacos, and resulted in 224 million views in one day. The creepy (but fun!) imagery inspired an average 24 seconds of play for users before snapping. 

2. The Rise of the Pod People  

The evidence is mounting—co-living is actually a thing. Called “dorms for grownups” by some, spaces are popping up in major cities across the U.S. that bring Millennials together in group living. Don’t miss a co-living space that takes the idea to a whole new level. Podshare, founded by a 27-year-old, offers guests an iiiitty bitty solo living space—just a bunk with a TV, which comes along with access to a community fridge and workspace, for $40-$50 a night. The tiny “pods” are a hit: the company has hosted over 5,000 guests over four years, has an almost perfect five-star rating on Yelp. Sixteen members that have gotten the Podshare logo as a tattoo.

3. Pop-Tarts Aren’t Healthy?!

Millennials’ interest in nutritious eating is creating a “healthified” fast food trend, but their relationship with healthy eating isn’t a simple one. Young consumers are shifting their ideas of what healthy eating means, and “dieting” doesn’t necessarily mean low-cal for this group, but they’re also happy incorporating indulgences into their diets. Don’t miss how the idea of “healthy” eating is becoming even more complicated: The FDA has announced that they will modernize their two-decade old definition of “healthy” to coincide with present-day science. The process will take several years, but is much needed: currently, food needs a set limit for fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, and sodium, to be considered “healthy,” but it can have as much sugar as it wants—meaning Pop-Tarts are a “healthy” food.

4. IBM’s Millennial Corps

Millennials represent 35% of the U.S. workforce, and will make up nearly 50% by 2025. The generation has shaken up the workplace, and brands are finding new ways to manage the new wave of employees. Don’t miss how IBM has embraced their young employees by giving them “a direct pipeline to the top decision makers.” To find out how to get the most from their Millennial employees, the company conducted a survey to see what they valued most in the workplace. Along with decision-making power, they also wanted to work on projects they were passionate about. Inspired by the responses, a group called “Millennial Corps” was created and currently has 1,000 employees on board. The group receives frequent surveys on potential projects and has influenced many decisions made by the brand.

5. Calvin Klein Makes People Flash with Anger

In a recent Ypulse survey on ad effectiveness, we found that only 10% of 13-33-year-olds are motivated to buy from ads that use sex appeal, with more preferring ads that make them laugh or have a positive message. Don’t miss a new Calvin Klein campaign made up of salacious images called “Erotica,” that is experiencing backlash for one photo in particular. An upskirt Instagram photo of a 22-year-old model with the caption “I flash in #mycalvins,” has received a slew of negative comments with many comparing it to pedophilia. The fashion brand has been known to stir up controversy in the past, and has yet to respond to the criticism.