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Miss Your Old Familiar Friends? The Friday Don’t Miss List

The weird things your wrist could do in the age of the smartwatch, a viral fight against “perfection,” and a return of some old familiar friends, waiting just around the bend. Close out the week with all the trends fit to print in the Friday Don’t Miss List!


1. What Can Your Wrist Do?

Today’s a pretty hyped up day in the tech world: the Apple Watch is officially available. We told you what some popular Millennial brands are doing to enter the smartwatch arena. But don’t miss out on some more unexpected Apple Watch apps, including Spin O Wrist, a version of Spin the Bottle, and Butt Trainer, a “rump-shaping app.”

2. When “Perfect” Goes Viral

It’s hard to keep up with what’s going viral these days. Yesterday we gave you three online crazes sweeping through social media this week, but you shouldn’t miss a more heartfelt video that’s racking up views. Inspired by negative comments on her own photos, pilates trainer and Instagram sensation Cassy Ho decided to virtually Photoshop herself in a video to show that the “perfect” body many strive for isn’t actually real. The video has received over 3 million views so far.

3. The Birds and the Bees in 2015

Many brands have a hard time figuring out how to translate popular cultural trends into a successful marketing moment, but some are getting it right. Don’t miss how Durex is tapping into the trend of YouTube celebrities with Hannah Witton, whose channel is dedicated to discussing “sex, relationships, and other stuff!” in an engaging and educational way. Witton answered sex and dating questions submitted with the hashtag #DurexHannah in a sponsored video that’s received over 50,000 views.

4. Leggings Are the New Denim

Teens are choosing leggings over denim, and  “athleisure” is in full swing. This wildly popular trend has higher end clothing lines producing workout gear and work out brands like Under Armour working on offering clothing that women can wear outside of the gym, to be “more relevant in more aspects of her life.” Brands like GAP are “betting on” the trend that is redefining the way that young women, and men, dress.


5. Full, Fuller, Fullest House

Miss your old familiar friends waiting just around the bend? Netflix, like many other brands, is banking on nostalgia to bring in more viewers—and they’re rebooting Full House to bring in Millennials and Gen X. The internet is buzzing about the upcoming, Fuller House, and although there are some groans, most Millennials seem to be pretty excited about the announcement. The reboot is set to bring back several original cast members—though no word yet on whether they Olsen twins will make an appearance.