Infographic Snapshot: Millennials and Thanksgiving

Nov 25 2014

Yesterday we took a look at the Friendsgiving phenomena, but what about more traditional Thanksgiving celebrating? Today’s Infographic Snapshot gives the data details on how Millennials are spending their turkey days.

The vast majority of Millennials will be celebrating the holiday of thanks this week, and 21% will be having a Friendsgiving celebration—which could be in addition or instead of their family gathering.

It’s clear that there are still some gender divides in the generation when it comes to holiday pastimes—females are more likely to have cooking/baking as a part of their Thanksgiving day, while male are more likely to say that they’ll be watching football. Some traditions are slow to change.

This is one of the biggest travel weeks of the year, and Millennials are doing their share of it. 30% say that they will be travelling for the holiday, and of those 81% will be visiting family, 24% visiting friends, and 13% will be going on vacation. In that same survey, they told us they’d be spending an average of $251.95 on their Thankgiving travel.

Today’s Infographic Snapshot is a portion of the data deliverable created to illuminate recent data for Gold subscribers twice a month, using stats from our most ongoing surveys of Millennials 13-32-years-old! 

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