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Infographic Snapshot: July 4th & the World Cup

Summer heat is upon us, and Millennials in the U.S. are currently consumed by two events: the 4th of the July weekend and the World Cup. (Yes, even after America’s dishearting loss.) In the weeks leading up to both, we used our bi-weekly survey of Millennials 14-32-years old how they were preparing for both the holiday and the world’s biggest sporting event. We got the scoop on what they’re buying, how they’re watching, and more, and we’re presenting some of the fun facts we found in two infographic snapshots to send you off on your holiday weekend with a dose of Millennial insight.
And of course, Happy 4th of July from Ypulse!


Even though the United States is no longer in play to win the World Cup, viewers are still tuning in to watch the matches with friend and catch up on the rivalries that they may have missed live. What would Millennials skip, miss, or reschedule in order to watch a match? Find out: