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Print Me Candy: The Friday Don’t Miss List

We’ve rounded up the most buzzed about news from this week to let you know how these trends are being shaped by the Millennial generation. Don’t miss it!

1. The Rising “Marijuanaconomy”
Our deep dive into the business of weed identified the major trends emerging and how to target key consumer segments, whether through luxury details, innovations in edibles, or by redefining the image of women who smoke. We don’t want you to miss another important influence of weed’s rapid expansion: employment. With increased production and business ventures, new positions are being created and marketed. A Budtender recommends strains as a bartender would drinks, and an Extraction Technicians is an individual skilled in extracting the active ingredients from the bud and infusing them into fats like butters and oils—an integral piece of the puzzle for edibles producers. A day in the life of a weed courier shows the ups and downs of working in an industry not yet regulated (or even legal in some states), but thriving regardless.
2. Print Me Candy
Thinking 3D printing is taking on new challenges every day, from artist-inspired drawing tools that can write in the air to makeup made easy and customizable. This space is ripe for innovation, so don’t miss what’s next in 3D printing including geometric sugar candies. 3D Systems and its acquired Sugar Labs have created a line of printers that pop out colorful sour apple candies in various shapes, recalling Millennial dreams of a real life Willy Wonka. Meanwhile, appealing to the younger set are 3D printed Sesame Street characters from MakerBot, marking the first global licensing deal for the 3D printing company.
3. A Second Life for Packaging
3D beyond the page led three brands to innovations in print advertising. Each gave a new purpose to paper and provided utility to consumers, whether via wearable tech or ingredient-based pages. Since Millennials support these efforts of sustainability, don’t miss the brands that are giving a second life to their product packaging. One concept stores a six-pack of beer inside a set of bowling pins, creating an instant tailgating game, while another transforms the packaging of a t-shirt into its hanger. Prolonging the life of packaging not only saves waste, but increases touch points between the brand and consumer after the product is used or consumed.
4. Race in the Record Booth
We wondered if stunt album releases could save record sales, and while albums do gain buzz from these marketing tactics, a more promising route in the current music scene is embracing vinyl. Don’t miss the latest stunt performed on Jimmy Fallon this week where Neil Young recorded a song straight to vinyl, a cover of Willie Nelson’s “Crazy,” and distributed it at the end of the show. Young performed the song in one take in Jack White’s vintage recording booth, which added unique, old-time tones to the song that young listeners crave in vintage vinyl albums.
5. Marketing Not On Pointe
Millennials want to see themselves in brand advertising, and since many brands have been eager to foster Millennial talent, not using real up-and-comers these days is a major marketing misstep. Free People made the mistake of using an actor/model as opposed to a true athlete in their latest campaign for dancewear and warmup clothing, so don’t miss the backlash from ballet dancers who are scolding the brand for its misrepresentation of the sport. Those with an untrained eye might not notice the difference, but not displaying the true skill of pointe might alientate Free People’s desired market of dancers.