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Guest Post: Meet the Mipsterz

Millennials are the most global generation to date, with unprecedented internationally shared culture points and access to information about their peers around the world. While there are absolutely still distinctions within the generation depending on region, we do see amazing commonalities among them as well, and a desire among young Millennials around the world to balance their local, traditional culture with a more forward-thinking worldview. Today we are giving you an exclusive first look at JWT MENA’s newest report on Mipsterz, a growing group of young, hip, and mostly female Muslims who are forging new ground in integrating tradition and modern life—a very Millennial approach to the world we touched upon in our own Splice of Life trend last year.

The “Mipsterz” Evolution: Where Are They and What Are They Thinking?

If you haven’t come across the term Mipsterz yet, you need to catch up and fast.  This global Gen Y [Millennial] sub-culture is specifically Muslim, but fused with hipster values. Born out of conflict and misperception in the West, Mipsterz project an entirely new image of Islam to their communities and the media and it’s not what you have come to expect. The In the Name of Faith and Fun report from JWT MENA Brand Intelligence sheds light on their unique motivations, challenges and expectations from society, brands and the world. At their core, Mipsterz will not compromise the requirements of their faith, but they do so with a joie de vivre and desire to integrate fully within society.  

The report’s insights show they are affirmed pacifists, with 89% asserting the rejection of violence; and they are highly educated: 40% have acquired a college degree education or higher.

It is easy to make the connection as to how this intellectually provocative social phenomenon is paving the way for surprising opportunities for brands – Mipsterz eagerly anticipate the arrival of products and services that fit their lifestyle nuances. That desire has generated a wealth of start-ups, such as Underwraps, the first global agency representing female Muslim fashion models, and Hipster Shaadi, a dating website helping Mipsterz meet others from the same religious background without any pressure from family members.

By integrating social and ethical practices and creating tolerant ecosystems highlighting the numerous shared values among Mipsterz and existing consumer groups, brands can align with a whole new market, valued at $2.3 trillion for halal and lifestyle choices in 2013, and growing in the financial services sector by 20% annually.

For more information, view and download the report here.


Ibrahim joined JWT in the autumn of 2010, heading up the newly established Brand Intelligence team across the agency’s MENA network.  Since then Ibrahim has written over 100 reports, focusing on consumer intelligence and category knowledge.

Most recently Ibrahim has launched JWT MENA’s Trend Reports – a key forecast which shows how businesses are being influenced in the unique MENA market place and identifies opportunities for brand development and growth.  Some factors identified in the report are also experiencing successful outgrowths in other parts of the world.  To-date JWT MENA 8 Trends for 2013 and JWT MENA 10 Trends for 2014 have been published as well as a selection of deep dives with specific insights into regional consumer behavior.

Prior to joining JWT, Ibrahim owned and ran her own independent research company, operating an exclusive qualitative hub across MENA. A genuine peoples’ enthusiast – in her own words – “They fascinate me!”