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Infographic Snapshot: The Real Story of LGBT and Millennials

Apr 02 2014

Last year, a transgender girl in Massachusetts was voted prom queen, and a gay couple in New York was voted their yearbook’s Cutest Couple. In the same time span, high school students and teachers in Indiana pushed to ban gay classmates from their “traditional” prom. It’s not news that Millennials are more accepting of same-sex marriage than older generations, but all around them attitudes toward LGBT rights are almost bipolar. And while pop-culture representations of young gay couples and sexual experimentation are more common than ever before, it is often unclear how well these fictional stories line up with Millennials’ real life experiences. With all this in mind, we asked 1,000 Millennials about their viewpoints on a range of LGBT and sexual identity issues to go beyond their acknowledged, widespread acceptance and uncover some interesting facts and twists on how Millennials react to the LGBT occurrences that surround them:

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