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Prankvertising Gone Rogue: The Friday Don’t Miss List

We’ve got this week’s trending topics in the world of Millennials that you really shouldn’t miss…

1. Changing the (Fantasy) Game
This week we took you inside the subculture of fantasy sports as narrated by a male Millennial, so don’t miss the new way to play fantasy with the mobile experience from Rivalry Games. Fans dedicate an average of 7-8 hours per week to fantasy sports, so Rivalry wants to make it easier by changing the concept from season-long strategies to individual games, pitting players against one another during each game and eliminating disadvantages like injured players. Though most sports fans will continue with fantasy as is, due to their unwavering allegiance, there may be a few young fans looking for an easier way to enter the world of fantasy sports.


2. Date Night Fails
We introduced you to the five most viral Millennial Vine stars, so don’t miss their debut in a new promotional skit series for Regal Cinemas. The Viners bring their comedic gifts to the anti-stream-at-home campaign, but some think the script falls flat since it is rather ironically using the masters of six-second clips to sell a two-hour movie experience. Though this series may not be the strongest marketing campaign, don’t lose hope in Vine, and its stars, just yet. The latest roundup of the best Vines of the past week shows some great potential in young performers.
3. Misfits Has It All
Young troublemakers? Check. Superhero powers? Check. Don’t miss the trailer for the final season of the series Misfits, a Hulu original, that uses the trinity of sex, drugs, and superpowers to attract a Millennial fan base. There are a few storylines that “will never get old” according to this generation, and we can see the binge-viewing popularity of the show increase as the final season nears, since Hulu will have all four previous seasons available for streaming.

4. Cross Country Field Trips
Google continues to blur the lines between real life and virtual reality from Hangouts to Helpouts, so don’t miss their latest foray into education, sending students on field trips across the country with “Connected Classrooms.” The video-enabled initiative provides trips to various kid-friendly places, like zoos, aquariums, planetariums, and museums, all for free. Teachers who sign up offer a new window into the world for young students who are not able to tag along. More than 20 institutions are slated to partner with the program, from Matilda the Musical to the Philadelphia Museum of Art, creating an entirely new set of experiences for kids, no matter where they are.
5. Links We’re Passing
Last month’s viral video pranking coffee shop patrons for the Carrie movie release is nothing compared to the latest in prankvertising. Don’t miss the video “ExFEARiential” from Canadian advertising agency John St. that rips an unassuming couple from their bed in the middle of the night by muggers and steals a baby from her mother in the park, all for the sake of a spoof. Jimmy Kimmel also went the trick versus treat route with his annual skit challenging parents to tell their children that they ate all of their Halloween candy, reeling in over 16 million views this week. For the sake of innocent bystanders and children everywhere, let’s call a pranking truce.