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The Friday Don’t Miss List

We’ve got this week’s trending topics in the world of Millennials that you really shouldn’t miss!

1. (Virtual) Face-to-Face With a Millennial Author
In our third Lifeline report this year, we focused on the Millennial-fueled trend of Clique Collaboration, identifying Next Level Fandom as an integral part of the Millennial mindset. 36% of Millennials say they belong to a next level fandom, so don’t miss the Google+ Hangout for die-hard fans of the YA post-apocalyptic trilogy Divergent. Fans will get to meet author Veronica Roth, a Millennial herself, and chat about Allegiant, the recently released final book installment. Online hangouts have become the future of group chatting, and this unique opportunity gives fans unadulterated access to their favorite author, able to ask questions and possibly hear first-hand spoilers of the series’ much anticipated silver-screen adaptation.
2. Instant Gratification
Following our Essentials coverage of eBay’s same-day delivery service and curated web content, don’t miss an almost identical upgrade from Fancy, a social commerce platform that first caught our attention for its Pinterest-like customer-curation boards and monthly subscription model. Fancy achieves same-day delivery in cities across the world through a network of couriers, and tacks on a $30 flat-rate fee for the service. Though customers of Fancy tend to be higher-end shoppers with disposable income for same-day delivery, Millennials may choose other e-commerce retailers to avoid the steep service charges.

3. The “Best Office Building Ever Built”
Workspaces are being redefined as more flexible in order to appeal to Millennials and their tendency for collaboration, so what’s more collaborative than an all-inclusive corporate mothership? Don’t miss the latest news for the new Apple HQ that is claiming to be the “best office building ever built in the world.” The space is being designed with the buzzwords “innovate” and “collaborate” in mind, creating an office environment that stimulates co-workers to cohabitate with centralized pathways and common areas aboard the massive, spaceship-style hub.
4. Modern Age Storytelling
With the democratization of design, Millennials are able to create and publish original content without years of expertise and coding knowledge, and new programs appear every day that make it easier for Millennials to tell their story. First, don’t miss Tapestry, a website and app that lets users make and share slideshows that are essentially flipbooks and listicles in digital form. Also, make sure not to miss the explosion of Bitstrips, where users create avatars for themselves and their friends, and insert the characters into comic strips. The year-old program has just been released for mobile and is now flooding Millennial Facebook feeds.
5. Links We’re Passing
The Swedes behind the viral phenomenon “The Fox,” viewed 157 million times in the past month, have done it again with an ode to Massachusetts. Posted three days ago, the video may have plateaued at just over 2.6 million views, but we think Ylvis’ comedic reign has only just begun. Also on viral video watch is the action-packed sneak peek for X Men: Days of Future Past posted to Instagram. The clip is just a teaser for the full trailer release, but is revving fans up for the movie, slated for Spring 2014.