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What Makes a Millennial?: The Friday Don’t Miss List

We’ve rounded up what’s trending this week to give you a snapshot of Millennials and what matters in their world. Don’t miss our top five highlights:






1. What Makes A Millennial?
Yesterday’s Essentials told you about Vulture’s list of “100 Pop Culture Things That Makes You a Millennial,” so don’t miss their explanation for how and why this list was chosen to identify the generation. Curated by Millennials themselves, they aimed to describe their gen in a “superficial — but fun” way, ranking the top memes and memories, and encouraging suggestions in the comments, something they note is “Über-Millennial.” We’ve mentioned nostalgia time and time again as a consistent theme for this generation, and Vulture sums up the sentiment right by saying the list isn’t just a good representations of ‘90s pop culture, but things Millennials “have internalized.”

2. Tissue Box Marketing Misstep
Tear-jerker content is collecting attention (and tissues) from Millennials who crave uplifting internet moments, and though the ads we covered this week showcased the perfect amount of sad and happy, we also mentioned that this isn’t a foolproof marketing ploy. Take for example GoPro, whose new spot “Be a Hero” follows a firefighter doing his duty to save a kitten from a house fire. The ad might give you the tingles, but it was later learned that the kitten died from smoke inhalation. GoPro didn’t do their research, and the attempt at a heartwarming story was squashed by the aftermath.

3. Social Network for Social Good
The Global Citizen Festival is gearing up for its second annual concert this weekend and we’ve let you know how this social good platform is tailor-made for Millennials, so don’t miss Fliptu, a new addition to the festival coverage and a new kind of “lifestyle network.” Fliptu allows all media coverage of the event to filter into one spot, pooling what attendees upload and offering a different way than live-streaming for fans at home to engage in the event, even after its over.

4. Re-Birth of the Bow Tie
We’ve noticed Millennial men giving more attention to their personal style with the aid of personal shopping services, so don’t miss the “next strut in the peacock revolution” as bow ties rise in popularity. Bow tie sales have risen 3% in the last year, a growing part of the $850 million U.S. neckwear market, and the adoption of this trend can be seen on celebrities like NBA fashion-maven Dwyane Wade and Justin Timberlake, the epitome of suit and tie classiness. Millennials have embraced nerd-chic, especially in their fashion choices, and there’s even a National Bow Tie Day nodding to the “original” bow tie guys like Bill Nye.

5. Links We’re Passing
Jimmy Fallon has brought us many a viral video, including a rendition of “Blurred Lines” using kids instruments and a lip sync battle with Joseph Gordon Levitt, so don’t miss his latest where he has a Twitter conversation IRL with Justin Timberlake. The video has received over 10 million views in just three days, confirming the fact that hearing hashtag mentions said aloud is just hilarious.