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The Friday Don’t Miss List

We’ve rounded up the must-read and most-watched this week to keep you in-the-know in the Millennial world. Don’t miss it!






1. Second Screens Bad for Babies?
We let you know about the new hyper-monitored childhood that Plurals will likely grow up in, and in this tech-infused kid world, some parents are questioning the validity of research claims that screens are poison to a baby’s developing brain. As technology and media develop at such a rapid pace, it is hard for researchers to keep up.


2. The Millennial GYPSY Stereotype
Older Millennials can learn a thing or two about ambition from their younger counterparts like 10-year-old DJ Niel Mac who we profiled in a Q&A this week. Don’t miss this depiction of “Gen Y Protagonists & Special Yuppies” aka GYPSYs, which peddles Millennials as blog-loving, Apple-snob foodies who are unhappy with their current situations. The sentiment that they are unhappy is surprisingly accurate, but the post falls back on the same old stereotypes about the generation that have been around too long, and the reasons for their discontent are much more complicated than thinking they’re special. And as we know, not all Millennials are the same
3. Marketing With Heart
Our Essentials covered the Millennial angle for Chipotle’s film “The Scarecrow,” advertising the food chain’s new iOS game, and it’s is being called the “the most poignant moment you’ve ever witnessed in fast food marketing.” Make sure not to miss the film which taps into the of-the-moment genre of dystopia that will surely “make you feel all the feelings.” Fiona Apple’s haunting soundtrack to the vid and Moonbot Studios’ award-winning animation are both gaining attention for the brand, to provide a well-rounded marketing campaign that feels as much art piece as marketing. 

4. Instant Fashion Week
Yesterday’s guest post from Tonia Ries, founder of The Realtime Report, let you know about recent real-time marketing campaigns, so don’t miss the latest RTM campaign to surface from a collaboration between Vogue and Instagram for #VogueInstaFashion. Vogue took to the streets and plucked a well-known Instagram photographer to shoot a campaign around NYC using only an iPhone (and some supermodels). Vogue is looking to use Instagram as a part of their strategy moving forward.



5. Links We’re Passing
We’ve been covering the must-watch stars of movie, music, and TV, but don’t miss filmmakers Walter Woodman and Patrick Cederberg who premiered their short film NOAH at the Toronto Film Festival. The short is being called “this generation’s John Hughes movie,” taking you behind the screen and into the digital life of a Millennial for a daring, intuitive, and all-too-real look at how their relationships and activities are played out online.