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The Friday Don’t Miss List

Don’t start the long weekend without knowing what you missed this week. We’ve got your round up of everything you should know about the world of Millennials from the last five days.






1. Princess Texts
In our breakdown of the ways that Millennials are making Disney princesses grow up with them, we talked about the trend of imagining the heroines as modern girls, and you shouldn’t miss the image set of texts between Disney princesses and their princess that went viral this week, or popular Tumblr Disney Ladies From Last Night—a take on Texts From Last Night that imagines the Disney heroines trading scandalous missives. Hint: they’re not talking about losing their shoes.

2. Slo-Mo Sweetness
Millennials have made “cultural splicing” a major trend at their weddings, as we detailed in our Splice of Life piece. Now don’t miss the new ways that they’re integrating tech into their big days, including the potential next big wedding trend: the slow-motion movie boothThis video will make you want to just say yes to the tech.
3. Not Another Teen Movie
We visited Bloomberg TV’s “Street Smart” and talked to Businessweek to get to the bottom of why the latest YA supernatural franchises to make it to the big screen haven’t lived up to expectations. But you shouldn’t miss that the reactions to Divergent, the next YA film, are already pouring in. From reactions to the trailer that say “they got this one right” to a prep guide to get grown-ups familiar with the story, they’re looking pretty good. We won’t call it a guaranteed hit, but with Kate Winslet as the villain, and fans so far impressed by the loyalty to the book, Divergent has better chances than others!
4. Stay Classy Hannah Montana
It wouldn’t be the week after the VMAs without a scandal to rehash, and Miley’s twerk-tastic performance at the show got us talking about how Millennials feel when child stars grown up. They want their celebs to stay classy, so don’t miss one who hasn’t let them down: Daniel Radcliff continues his impressive scandal-free adult career with his most recent film Kill Your Darlings. Harry Potter could teach Hannah Montana a thing or two.
5. Links We’re Passing
Yes, the internet was freaking out about Ben Affleck being cast as Batman (Michael Keaton flashbacks, anyone?). But you shouldn’t miss the one fan-made fake trailer for the future Superman/Batman flick that might be changing everyone’s minds. The presence of Brian Cranston as Lex Luther doesn’t hurt.