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The Friday Don’t Miss List

Your weekly round-up of the topics we’ve covered along with all the things that might not have made it in our posts the first time around, but that you should not miss…



1. Roaring Twenties
In this week’s Essentials, we named Tina Fey’s untitled sitcom (which sparked a bidding war between networks) as a contender for the next big show about Millennials. But if you want to keep up with “the next Girls” heirs, you shouldn’t miss Twenties, which is currently being shopped around HollywoodThe series is the creation of actress/writer Lena Waithe (yes, Lena comparisons might be inevitable) and follows Hattie, a queer African American vlogger as she navigates the mistakes of her 20s with her friends.
2. The Weeknd Wants to be a Star
If you didn’t believe us when we told you that there’s no such thing as selling out any more, you shouldn’t miss this interview with the Weeknd (one of MTV’s 2013 Artist to Watch nominees) which expresses the current attitude of Millennial musicians better than we ever could: “The Weeknd wants to be a star…the 23-year-old singer, songwriter, and producer…doesn’t plan to languish in obscurity. Nor will he be one of those indie artists who wields tremendous influence but whose names are only known by ‘purists.’ Fuck that.”


3. Look Out For Lorde
Our list of rising artists to watch gave you a playlist worth of new musical talent to get the download on, but you should not miss up and coming singer Lorde. The 16-year-old “badass” is invading the U.S. for the first time in the fall, and her single “Royals” is garnering her plenty of fans.


4. Now in Love with Dystopia 
We read Teen Vogue, Nylon, and Seventeen so you didn’t have to, and let you know that The Spectacular Now, a film about teenage love that has been called a modern day Say Anything is getting some real hype. But please don’t miss that How I Live Now, Meg Rosoff’s fantastic YA novel about a young girl surviving and falling in love during World War III, is coming to the big screen. The trailer begins much like your average teen romance, but the entrance of war quickly turns the story into a dystopian struggle with a fierce heroine. Starring Saorsie Ronan, the film is being released in the U.K. in October, with a U.S. debut date TBD.
5. The Links We’re Passing
We’ve talked about Katy Perry burning her blue wig, and the first of her image-changing tracks has been released—with its own scandal in tow. The single, “Roar,” is being compared to Sara Bareille’s very similar song “Be Brave.”  Listening to the two tracks layered over one another proves the similarities, but they also kind of sound better together!