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The Friday Don’t Miss List

Well, you missed a lot this week…







1. Let’s Talk About It, Period.
The breakthrough ad “Camp Gyno” from tampon delivery service Hello Flo that we mentioned in Essentials is garnering rave reviews, behind-the-scenes interviews, and even nods for Ad of the Year for its fresh take on the subject. Mirroring Hello Flo’s frankness about periods, don’t miss the app Hello Clue which caters to older Millennials who are looking to start families, providing them with an easy way to track their cycles and plan for the future during more than just “that time of the month.”

2. Once Upon a Time There Was a $10M Wedding
We covered the new wave of Millennial wedding registries that aim to make dreams come true for newlyweds, but for tech start-up’s OG Sean Parker, nothing was short of fairytale status for his nuptials to singer-songwriter Alexandra Lenas. Make sure not to miss photos of the lavish affair in Vanity Fair capturing the Lord of the Rings-inspired scene set in the California Redwoods, adorned with stone ruins, faux-bridges, cascading flowers, and “a pen of bunnies for anyone who needed to cuddle.” Parker called it a “performance art project,” having each of the 364 high-profile guests meticulously measured for a custom costume, but was slammed by many for his “conspicuous consumption that dazzlingly encapsulates the ongoing class stratification of American society.”

3. Hipsterhood Finds Online Fame, Ironically Of Course
Have you taken the Hipstertest? As one of our trending sites of the moment it makes fun of the overuse of the term and generalization of hipster culture, similar to the new online series Hipsterhood which is gaining a Millennial following. Don’t miss the series on that is representing the voice of this generation in a relatable way. The two-to-three minute episodes are ideal for Millennials looking for a pick-me-up of cute and awkward encounters and will feature their other favorite web series stars this season as cross-over between popular series takes over the online space, expanding audiences of all shows involved.

4. New Home for the Internet Famous
If you missed the web series you should already be watching, make sure to stay tuned as Google unveils plans for YouTube Space NY, a 20,000+ square foot studio that will foster web creation talent and provide production space for the internet famous. This concept has been developed in other areas around the globe as a way to “invest in partners who built channels on the platform,” a huge resource for young entrepreneurs. Described as “part-hippy commune, incubator and studio,” YouTube provides the perfect place for creators to come and make viral magic happen.

5. Links We’re Passing
This week was all about finding love and love lost in the social media vortex, so make sure to check out the Tumblr “We Fell In Love Online” for a slew of heartfelt digital love stories. But if relationships are to blame and drinking is the game don’t miss Beer Labels In Motion, animations that will leaving you feeling a bit tipsy.