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The Friday Don’t Miss List

Your weekly round-up of the topics we’ve covered this week along with all the things that might not have made it in our posts the first time around, but that you definitely shouldn’t miss…






1. More Reality TV Developments: We told you about the Serious Faux Pas affecting Millennial tastes in reality TV (and turning the Real World from righteous to sloppy drunk), now don’t miss Vulture’s recent ranking of every Real World season from worst to best (the top five all aired in the ‘90s), that The Chernin Group is developing a reality show called @SpringBreak that will play exclusively on social media, or that Bachelor spoof Burning Love, which began as an online series and is currently airing on E!, has started its 3rd season and is growing in popularity.


2. More Seriously Too-Perfect Celeb News: We wrote about the modern misstep of celebrities, musicians and athletes who won’t make their flaws a part of their public persona take themselves too seriously. But don’t miss that just two weeks after public-sign-of-perfection offender Gwyneth Paltrow was named the most hated celebrity by Star, she was also named Most Beautiful by People, which has only served to spurn more Paltrow-hatred; or that photographers are battling back at Beyoncé’s flawless-image-protecting photog ban by saying it violates their first amendment rights.


 3. More Social Media Marketing #Wins: We gave Denny’s kudos for #winning at Twitter, but don’t miss some of the other fast food social media efforts going on. After their brand mascot Rooty was locked out of LinkedIn, A&W may have become the first brand to launch a new product on Vine by featuring the mascot in magic themed clips. And Twitter and Vine aren’t the only game in town for innovative marketing: Tumblr recently added a feature that lets users tag brands in their shared images, and wants to be the network for advertising that wins awards.


4. The (Maybe) Turning Tech Tide: We gave you the Essentials on the potentially non-existent future for tablets and PCs, but you shouldn’t miss that though BB CEO predicted they would be dead in five years, tablet sales have soared this quarter, or the prediction that streaming music could kill the iTunes store and the mp3 market as we know it.


5. Links We’re Passing: We know tattoos have become more accepted as Millennials age into the workplace and business life becomes more casual, but don’t miss the realty firm that actually offered employee raises if they got tattoos of the company logo. And you should definitely be aware that the race for song of the summer has begun (and we’ll be asking Millennials to weigh in on their picks for summer hits this weekend)!