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Chevy Has The Spark To Reach Millennials

Chevy Spark Exterior

Move over Mini Coopers and Fiats! Chevrolet’s Spark may be a small car, but it has big potential to attract Gen Y. Just ask several Ypulse Millennial staffers who recently had the chance to test drive the tech-savvy car. The vehicle was created with young urban drivers in mind and has an abundance of features to fuel their needs.

If the small but spacious car doesn’t capture your attention, the unique colors certainly will. We drove a bright red Chevy Spark, aptly called ‘salsa,’ and it’s also available in other colors including jalapeño and lemonade. But if these “flavors” aren’t your taste, there’s also techno pink, denim, silver ice, and black granite, which provide personality and a fun appeal. Other drivers and pedestrians alike kept eyeing the car; several even inquired about it since it sparked their interest and it’s different than all the other cars they’ve seen around!Chevy Spark Insider

The car is also compact, which makes it particularly practical in cities. Drivers can maneuver around with ease and fit into the tiniest sized parking spaces. However, there’s also plenty of legroom for four people to sit comfortably. As we blasted music, flipped through pictures on the car’s display screen, and weaved throughout the streets of New York City, one passenger even commented that “it’s a social car. It’s not crammed, there’s plenty of cup holders, and cool tech features that make it fun.”

Chevy Spark InteriorThe tech capabilities are perhaps the most appealing part for Millennials, who are always looking to stay connected. There’s a LCD screen inside the car, which is a smartphone-based system called MyLink Radio. It’s essentially a system for people to use GPS, Pandora, and other features that are synched to their smartphone. Users can view images and videos on a dashboard from their phone or USB, and even create a slideshow on the car’s display screen. Millennials view vehicles as their personal space and the MyLink Radio system lets them incorporate some of their favorite features from their phone onto the car’s touch screen.

Convenience and safety are also key parts of the car’s design. Hands-free calling is easy since users’ cellphone contacts are integrated into the display system. Moreover, OnStar is available to provide emergency and concierge service. Millennials want instant access and the Chevy Spark offers these features that they’ve come to expect from brands.

Another main driver for consumers is the price. The low-priced Spark starts at $12,185, making it an affordable option with all of the upgrade features Millennials crave. In addition to its practical capabilities, the car also has luxury amenities, which young drivers want but often have to comprise on due to budget. The combination of these factors is how the Chevy Spark can attract Gen Y, who are shaping the future of the auto industry, in addition to everything else.