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8 Questions With A 19-Year-Old: Caroline Marques

Questions With A Millennial

We’re back with our “Questions With a Millennial” feature to provide you with insights on Gen Y straight from the source. Today we chatted with Caroline Marques, a 19-year-old college freshman who’s currently living in Switzerland.

What are 5 things you couldn’t live without?

1. My iPod
2. YouTube
3. My favorite books
4. DVDs
5. Food

How do you typically watch TV? On a set or streaming? Alone or with family or friends? How would you describe your typical TV viewing experience?

I usually watch TV alone on my computer. I personally dislike advertisements and
watching shows on the computer allows me to go through less advertisements. I’m usually so busy during the week that I rarely actually watch shows on TV. I watch the shows on my computer at the same time as my friends though, so we can talk about them after.Caroline

What’s your preferred social network and why?

My favorite social network is Facebook because it allows me to talk with my friends from all around the world, chat with them, remember their birthdays and see what’s going on with their lives through posts, pictures and videos.

About how often do you check your cellphone?

It depends on the days and times. If I’m busy with work or class, very rarely. Otherwise, a few times every hour.

What’s the last thing you watched on YouTube?

The last thing I watched on Youtube was the new SantagatoTV video.

How do you typically get news, if at all?

I get news through my iPhone and by picking up papers.

What brand do you think really understands your generation and why?

Apple’s success clearly demonstrates that it understands my generation, as it constantly caters to it with student discounts/products that are almost designed for students (laptops etc.). The apps for the iPhone are very teenage-oriented. Apple accepts our obsession with technology and the “latest thing” and exploits it. Brands like Nike that have strong ads and a presence on Facebook also seem to understand Gen Y.

What’s one trend you’re seeing among your generation?

Instagram. It seems to be everywhere.