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8 Questions With A 22-Year-Old: Emily Smucker

Questions With A Millennial

Today we have another edition of our frequent feature “Questions With a Millennial” to offer insights on Gen Y. This time, we spoke with Emily Smucker,  a 22-year-old YAB member.

What’s one hobby that you’re really into right now?

Sewing. My mom grew up Amish and had to make all her own clothes. She still has lots of sewing equipment that she lets me borrow, and she taught me how to sew. Even though I don’t have to wear homemade clothes like she did, I love the thrill of being able to make something completely unique, something that no one else will have.

What are 5 things you couldn’t live without?

1. Notebooks
2. Books
3. Kenyan black tea
4. The Internet
5. My dressmaker’s dummy

What are your favorite TV shows?

I don’t usually watch much TV, but this winter I got into “Once Upon a Time,” which fed my undying obsession with fairy tales. And I always at least halfheartedly follow “Project Runway” because of my love of sewing and fashion design. Emily Smucker

What about your favorite blogs?

Catalog Living, Improv Everywhere, Style Rookie, and Reasoning with Vampires.

What’s your preferred social network these days and why?

Facebook because it’s where the people are.

Any favorite apps?

Kindle for Android

Where do you typically like to shop?

I like thrift stores that aren’t part of a chain because they usually have better prices. But the absolute best place to shop is at church rummage sales on the last day they are open because they are practically giving things away. Usually you can fill a bag with clothes for a dollar, get a couple vinyl records for a quarter, and if you are lucky you can find someone’s old diary buried among the junk.

What’s one trend you’re noticing right now among your generation?

Photography. Everyone seems to be a photographer these days. Sites like Instagram are designed to make people feel like photographers even if they aren’t.