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The Benefits Of Working With Millennials

Working With Millennials

Today’s post comes from Ypulse team member Casandra Liggin.

The Benefits Of Working With Millennials

I’m considered a late-wave Generation Xer, but I’m surrounded by Millennials on a daily basis. While some Xers and Boomers would see this as a huge negative, I can only see the silver lining in this scenario.

Yes, it does seem odd at times when one of my co-workers sends me an instant message when all he or she had to do was walk over to my desk, but if that is my biggest concern, I have nothing to complain about!

These digital natives feel more comfortable utilizing technology to communicate, even in a 700 square foot space!  According to Businessweek, six out of ten Millennials said the telephone was not their first choice of communication and more than half listed chat among their top three choices. 

The interesting aspect about their utilization of technology is that it allows them to share their thoughts and ideas on a project immediately. We like to call this “peer review.” It allows our entire team from sales to editorial to operations to add their own unique input and also ensure that we are all on the same page in what we are promising our clients. I love the idea of peer review because I’m open to feedback and constantly striving to improve. In that way, I fit right in with my Millennial counterparts, as they too would prefer to get continual feedback on their performance vs. waiting for a quarterly or yearly review. 

Let’s talk about the reason most of us get up to go to work every day? A paycheck. We need to be able to provide for our families and support our lifestyles. I’m often impressed, but also baffled by a Millennial’s desire to pass up a bigger paycheck for a pat on the back. As a Xer, this is blasphemous! Who does that?!!!  Xer’s would be inclined to take the paycheck and run, knowing we will figure it all out later. Consequently, this is what has gotten my generation into trouble and allowed us to lead less than passionate professional lives. According to a study on workers who wish they would have followed their childhood dreams, 47% of people in their 40s wish they had followed their dreams. This dispassion has transferred the focus to money, which has led us down a slippery slope the last few years during our country’s economic crisis. 

One of the most important issues of this crisis is the loss of jobs. While no generation is immune, Millennials make up the largest percentage of the unemployed. In spite of this, they are incredibly optimistic that it will all work out in the end. How could one not be motivated by this “press on” attitude? I certainly am.

The areas of improvement for Millennials are conflict resolution, critical thinking, decision-making, and problem solving. As most of us Xers and Boomers know, this comes with experience, but we can mitigate some of their pitfalls by acting as mentors as they navigate their professional battlefields.

According to Forbes, by 2014, 36% of the U.S. workforce will be comprised of Millennials, so, when a Boomer wants to chastise them and say that they are spoiled and self-righteous, I just laugh and think, “They’re driving this bus. It’s better for me to hop on now while I can get a seat and assist in steering us into a bright future.”

    Casandra Liggin

CasandraCasandra has always had an interest in understanding and meeting client expectations from her early days as an Account Executive at various media firms to her more recent role as a Director at a technology company within the market research industry. She is passionate about inspiring clients to grasp the Millennial mindset that will carry their business into the future. Casandra lives in Brooklyn and enjoys discovering new ways to fall in love with NYC all over again.