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Social Shoppers Infographic


Millennials are social shoppers; they like to stay connected with their friends while shopping (if they’re not with them already) to get their peers’ opinions. In fact, Millennials turn to their friends the most (60%) when looking for fashion advice, with females turning to their friends (63%) slightly more than males (56%). Millennials  prefer to go shopping by themselves the most (28%), yet friends follow close behind (25%) as their top choice shopping companion. 

Millennials consult their friends for fashion advice even more than they look to store displays, magazines, celebrities, and other sources of influence and inspiration. It’s no surprise then that they’re constantly connected to their phones while shopping. Moreover, they’re also social when it comes to connecting with their their favorite stores and brands on social media. More than half (54%) of Gen Yers report that they are fans of or like a brand/store on Facebook and they follow/like six brands/stores on average. They use their phones for a variety of other purposes while shopping as we discovered in our upcoming Lifeline Report on Fashion & Style, along with insights on Millennials’ favorite stores, how often they shop, and how accessories play in to their outfits.