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Introducing Lifeline By Ypulse

May 31 2012

Hello Ypulse readers,

I am excited to announce our newly created service, Lifeline!

At Ypulse, we often get asked to join the conversation, weigh in on current events, and even provide a stat or two around a certain topic. Our cross functional team of Millennial experts lives for these inspiring conversations. Lifeline is the start of your deeper relationship with the Ypulse team — going beyond our Daily Update, much more in-depth, and with adhoc consulting service included.

Lifeline is simple: a feed of Millennial insights into your organization. The annual subscription includes 10 research reports delivered throughout the year (including an interactive webinar presentation of each), consulting hours with our team of experts, as well as question units to be run in our omnibus tools. Each report also includes full data tables from the 1,500 13-34s we poll.

These reports are going to cover a broad range of key industry categories and topics throughout the year — from Food Culture to Politics to Entertainment — always positioned to look at how businesses are evolving to reflect this unique generation of youth, the Millennials. We produce Lifeline to both inspire creative teams with insights, as well as to empower sales teams with category-specific data.

For a limited time, we will offer our first Lifeline report free for download. It’s called Risky Business, and it’s a close look at how a generation that’s known to be particularly “risk-averse” is engaging in exactly that, risky behaviors. Lifeline is all in an effort to keep us — and you — curious and constantly evaluating how the world as we know it is being Millennialized.

Interested? Please reach out to Casandra Liggin to learn more OR reserve your spot in our limited seating Lifeline: Risky Business webinar on Wednesday, June 6th: | 646-257-2017

Download the Lifeline: Risky Business report

Share Lifeline product information with a colleague via our 1-sheet

Download the Lifeline: Risky Business data tables


Jake Katz
Chief Architect, Ypulse

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