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Gen Z is driving a “dating renaissance.”

May 24 2023

Gen Z is driving a “dating renaissance.”According to Tinder’s recently-released Future of Dating Report, Gen Z is disrupting potentially toxic dating norms passed down to them by previous gens (we’re looking at you, Millennials) and are carving their own dating paths. Case in point: Gen Z respondents (defined as 18–25-year-olds in the survey) are 32% less likely to ghost someone than people over the age of 33. Meanwhile, more than three-quarters of Gen Z say they prize respect and loyalty in their partners, and mental health is their priority: 80% say they put their own self-care first when dating, and 79% want their partners to make their own wellbeing a priority, too.  As a result, Tinder’s global relationship insights expert believes that Gen Z will have more successful relationships “because they’re investing in emotional well-being and clear communication.” While YPulse’s Dating & Relationships research shows that more than half (52%) of 18-24-year-olds use dating apps for fun, or just to pass the time, they are seeking more authentic connections, too—and the majority say they are looking for a committed relationship. (Mashable)