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Spotify is cracking down on AI-generated music. 

May 11 2023

Spotify is cracking down on AI-generated music. YPulse’s new AI Unpacked trend report shows music and art are having an AI renaissance as popular AI art generators on TikTok and Instagram, as well as AI-made songs like “Heart on My Sleeve” (made in the style of Drake and The Weeknd), become viral sensations. Everyone is hopping on these trends, but it’s creating controversial buzz around the fact that AI tech is stealing content from artists at the same time. Our data shows that over three in five young people think AI generators are dangerous to artists and writers, with half caring to know if a piece of writing or art was AI-generated. But as artists like Drake publicly announce that they’ve “had enough” of AI, Spotify is rapidly working to remove all bot songs from its platform. So far, Spotify has taken down “tens of thousands” of songs just from artificial-intelligence startup Boomy alone. (Mashable)