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Liquid I.V. is spending more on ads to target Gen Z and Millennials. 

May 10 2023

Liquid I.V. is spending more on ads to target Gen Z and Millennials. While the brand previously presented itself as a high functioning sports and athletics drink, it found young consumers were not resonating with that, so this year, it’s focus is on hydration. The electrolyte powered drink mix brand will be reworking its brand messaging by incorporating influencer marketing “to seem relevant and authentic in the channels Gen Z and millennials occupy.” The brand is partnering with TikTok stars like comedian Rickey Thompson (3M followers) and beauty influencer Leilani Green (7M followers) for its #RealTok mini-video series, which kicked off May 2. Liquid I.V. has increased its marketing budget by 45% and is additionally featuring ads on Peacock, Hulu, and Amazon Fire TV, as well as podcasts like “The Ryen Russillo Show,” “The Bill Simmons Podcast,” and “Anything Goes with Emma Chamberlain” on Spotify and YouTube TV. (Digiday)