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Go-Glow by PatPat is a new light-up kids clothing brand.

Apr 20 2023

Go-Glow by PatPat is a new light-up kids clothing brand. Last year, YPulse shared how PatPat wanted to be the “SHEIN of childrenswear” and now, in addition to the global ecommerce brand’s original PatPat line, it’s releasing Go-Glow by PatPat: a new kid’s apparel brand that is incorporating fabric-illuminating tech called Glotech into their everyday style pieces. The tech blends specially developed luminous materials with traditional yarn to create garments that glow while remaining soft, safe for kids, and are machine washable—each piece of clothing is powered by a discreetly designed lithium battery pack that is removable for washing. Go-Glow is launching with 23 different light-up styles, including jackets, skirts, dresses, shirts, and accessories for children aged 3-8-years-old and prices starting at $25. (PR Newswire)