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Does Gen Z care about the return of the Victoria’s Secret fashion show? 

Mar 16 2023

Does Gen Z care about the return of the Victoria’s Secret fashion show? Last week, the lingerie brand announced that they’ll be putting on their official Victoria’s Secret fashion show for the first time since 2018. The brand says they’re looking to reclaim “one of [their] best marketing and entertainment properties to date and turning it on its head to reflect who we are today.” During the show’s hiatus, VS embarked on a revival journey that upgraded multiple aspects of the brand to be more inclusive and diverse. But there’s been some backlash as the prospect of a new show approaches, namely from older Gen Z who grew up during the transition who feel that “as the brand incorporated more diverse bodies in its campaigns, some shoppers noticed a more subdued aesthetic of its lingerie as well.” It’s hard to say right now how many Gen Z viewers will watch, but some are saying they’ll “definitely tune in to what people have to say and maybe watch some clips.” (Yahoo! Life)